How does the round bottle labeling machine guarantee its accurate use?


 As a high-precision product, the round bottle labeling machine should maintain a high-precision labeling machine to ensure the product pass rate during use. Therefore, the high precision of the round bottle labeling machine is the primary concern of customers.
1. Bundle the labels, loosen the traction mechanism, and pull the labels back and forth to make them straighten automatically. After the labels are aligned, clamp the stop rings on both sides and guide the labels.

2. The direction of the label is not parallel to the transportation direction of the product. It can be achieved by adjusting the inclination of the labeling head to achieve parallelism.

3. The traction wheel is slipping, the traction wheel is worn, and the traction wheel locking screw is loose. You can tighten the traction wheel locking screw.

4. In the product manufacturing process, product errors and edge errors will cause label deviations. At this time, the quality of the materials needs to be monitored.

5. The slack of the base paper of the peeling board: The slack of the base paper and the low traction speed are related to the slippage of the traction mechanism.

6. The traction speed is too low, just adjust the traction speed.

7. Slide the traction mechanism and tighten the locking screw of the traction roller until the base paper does not slide.

8. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the transmission belt behind the receiving shaft is broken, if any, replace it in time.

9. Regular maintenance and inspection should be done on round bottle labeling machines, and timely repairs in case of failure can effectively prevent various problems.
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