The development trend of intelligent manufacturing


    The main direction of manufacturing transformation is intelligent manufacturing, which has five main characteristics. First, intelligent machines show independence, autonomy and individuality to a certain extent, and can even coordinate and compete with each other; second, human-machine integration On the one hand, it highlights the core position of human in the manufacturing system, and at the same time, with the cooperation of intelligent machines, it can better exert human potential; the rest are combined with virtual reality technology, self-organization and super-flexibility, learning ability and self-maintenance ability. Intelligent manufacturing can not only improve production efficiency, but also liberate productivity to a certain extent. Our country also regards the intelligent manufacturing equipment system as the main direction of the current manufacturing industry.
     In the future, my country's intelligent manufacturing equipment will show the development trend of automation, integration, informationization and greening. Automation is embodied in the equipment that can complete the automation of the manufacturing process according to user requirements, and is highly adaptable to the manufacturing object and manufacturing environment, and realizes the optimization of the manufacturing process; integration is embodied in the integration of production process technology, hardware, software and application technology and equipment The integration of interdisciplinary high technology such as nanometer, new energy, etc., so that the equipment is continuously upgraded; informatization is reflected in the "embedding" of sensor technology, computer technology, and software technology in the equipment to realize the performance improvement and "intelligence" of the equipment ; The latter is mainly embodied in the whole life cycle from design, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, use to disposal, and has little negative impact on the environment, so that the economic and social benefits of the enterprise are coordinated and optimized.
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