How to deal with the labeling machine often breaking the label


There are many reasons why the labeling machine breaks the label, such as the machine itself, label paper problems, environmental factors and so on. For different reasons, we will take the automatic round bottle labeling machine as an example, and the following measures can be taken to deal with it:

1. The problem of the bottom paper of the label. Glassine and PVC are commonly used materials for the backing paper of the label. If it is coated paper, the label will also break because the tensile force of the coated paper is not enough. At this time, the material of the backing paper should be replaced. Next, let's take a look at the position of the broken column on the bottom paper of the label. If it is neat, it depends on whether there are any traces of die-cutting on the bottom paper. Replace qualified labels.

2. The problem of stripping the label board

In addition to the problem of the label itself, the breakage of the label may also be the problem of the stripping plate of the automatic round bottle labeling machine. Why do you say that, if the stripping plate is too sharp, it will cut the bottom paper of the label like a knife. This Sometimes we need to re-polish the edge of the stripping board by hand to make the transition better.

3. The problem of the traction mechanism: In the entire automatic round bottle labeling machine, the traction mechanism is indispensable to complete the entire labeling process. The traction mechanism is mainly to ensure that the label can be peeled off relatively uniformly and stably during the traction movement. The position of the target board separates the label from the backing paper, so the strength of the traction mechanism must be guaranteed. When the force is too large, the label will also break, which can be solved by adjusting the elasticity of the brake lever.

4. Clean the labeling machine. Clean the body and roller mechanism of the labeling machine, especially the parts of the machine that are prone to dust accumulation, to ensure that the machine is clean and tidy, and there will be no interference from any factors that affect label breaking.

In short, in order to solve the problem of the label breaking of the labeling machine, it is necessary to conduct investigations based on the specific situation and adopt corresponding processing methods. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the maintenance and regular maintenance of the labeling machine to ensure that the machine can run stably for a long time.

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