What are the advantages of the automatic labeling machine?


What are the advantages of the automatic labeling machine? What benefits can the automatic labeling machine bring to the production packaging line? Below, the editor of Chunlei will take everyone to decrypt the automatic labeling machine.

1. The size of the automatic labeling machine is small, and the floor space is also very small, which can save the cost of workshop infrastructure. It can also be combined with a filling machine to form a complete production line!

2. If you want to achieve the production value of the fully automatic labeling machine through manual labeling, a large number of employees and workshop area are required. The investment cost is large and the rate of return is low. The accuracy of the labeling is not guaranteed. If there is no labeling, it needs to be reworked and re-applied, resulting in a waste of materials. If you use a fully automatic labeling machine, you can work without interruption 7 x 24 hours with very little human resources and workshop area, with high production efficiency and higher return efficiency! At the same time, the labeling accuracy of the fully automatic labeling machine is also very high, and there is basically no error, which saves material costs.

3. The automatic labeling machine is generally composed of 304 stainless steel, PLC man-machine control, convenient and simple operation, and easy to clean. Corrosion resistant, not easy to rust. The automatic labeling machine has strong and beautiful labeling. Can not fall for a long time.

Fourth, the application range of the automatic labeling machine is very wide. Food, daily chemical, electronics, beverage, chemical and even cosmetics can use the automatic labeling machine to label. Bar codes, QR codes, anti-counterfeiting labels, etc. can be affixed. The emergence of fully automatic labeling machines simplifies the previous production process.

5. The automatic labeling machine has high performance and higher cost performance. A labeling machine is calculated according to 60,000, and the service life is ten years.

It only needs 500 yuan per month, and the salary of ordinary employees is 2,000 yuan, and it needs 240,000 yuan in ten years. It is conceivable that the automatic labeling machine has brought much gospel to the production and packaging line.
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